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Thing a Week 3: Custom card box

Thing a Week 3: Custom card box

A while back,  I backed a project on Kickstarter called The GameMaster’s Apprentice. In short, this is a deck of 60 cards with print on both sides that helps create random events, npc’s and stuff like that. Seeing as I’m currently running a D&D 5e campaign for the first time, I felt like this would be a useful tool.

2015-01-21 20.52.57

Unfortunately, the cards did not come with a box to keep them organized.

This has been kind of a problem for me, since I just kind of left them on my desk, as I do with a lot of stuff.

I didn’t want to just salvage an old card box from some deck of cards, though.

I decided to make my own box for the cards, to make it my own.

2015-01-21 20.55.10

A few pieces of cardboard and half a roll of off-brand duct tape later, I was done.

I lined the inside of the box with the non-sticky side of the duct tape. It isn’t perfect – the cards don’t slide off that surface as smoothly as I’d like, but it’ll do. The biggest challenge was creating a mechanism for the box to close properly, to keep any cards from falling out. After cannibalizing a few ziploc bags and realizing that that didn’t work once you cut the bag open (which was a pity, because I could’ve made a neat closing mechanism that way), I decided on just going with more duct tape. Hey, it really DOES fix everything!

2015-01-21 20.54.38

The closing mechanism isn’t perfect (like the lining of the box), but so far it seems to work as intended!


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Hero Forge Miniatures

Hero Forge Miniatures

Last year, I backed a project on Kickstarter called “Customizable 3D Printed Tabletop Miniatures“. It ended up crowdsourcing a bit over three times the amount needed to make the project a reality. It would later be given the more catchy name “Hero Forge”.

The concept is simple: A character creator that lets you choose various and sundry races, poses, items and armor. You order the mini (or statue), and Shapeways 3D prints it. As an added bonus, Shapeways ships from the European Union which meant a speedy delivery that wasn’t held up in customs.

The concept might be simple, but I’m guessing all the legwork behind the project isn’t. On the 9th of December last year, Hero Forge went live. I had pledged an amount that would let me order and ship 3 custom miniatures without additional costs.

I first created my Cleric from a D&D campaign one of my buddies DM’ed over the course of  the last year. I then created the main character from Penny Arcade’s Automata series.

In the end, though, I decided on something else for my 3 minis: Creating important NPC’s for the D&D 5e campaign that I am DM’ing as of this year. Since my fellow Nerd Essentials members Ropo and Noobis are both in the campaign as players, I won’t tell you too much about the characters.

I’ll let you see them, though:

2015-01-14 22.01.57 2015-01-14 23.10.12 2015-01-14 23.10.31

Without spoiling too much of my D&D campaign, we have (in order): an Elven sorceress, a Dwarven fighter of some sort, and a gnome-sized scoundrel.

At $25 a pop, these miniatures are kind of pricy. I haven’t painted them yet (though I’ll probably show you progress on them in a future Thing a Week blogpost), but they feel pretty sturdy. As for their weight, they have the weight of a mini you might find in a board game – slightly lighter than a Warhammer 40k Ork (the reference mini I have on my desk).

The weapons are definitely the weakest parts of the minis, but that feels like it won’t be a concern. The pictures might not do complete justice to the quality of the miniatures – even clear as they are, I can tell the facial expression on the minis quite clearly.

I am very satisfied with the minis – quality, price and delivery time. I look forward to painting these, and presenting them at opportune times in my D&D campaign – not to mention having the possibility of creating NPC and player characters in the future!

2015-01-14 23.31.43

(Pictured: all three minis with better light, and a Warhammer 40k Ork kinda for scale)


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Thing a Week 2: Custom LEGOs

Thing a Week 2: Custom LEGOs

This week’s thing-a-week isn’t completely done, but I would like to share it with you nonetheless. It does require a bit of a preamble, though.

Last year, I got a new coworker. He’s an incredibly cool guy, and after knowing each other for only two months, he gave me an amazing homemade sign inspired by The Walking Dead. How amazing is it? You decide:



Now, his birthday was just a few days ago. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find a gift for this guy. You see, he has the most incredible collection of horror-themed toys and merchandise. Thus, I’ve had to think outside the box to find a gift for him.

After much searching, I found a couple of single-sold LEGO figures that I’m currently in the process of trying to turn into a Billy Doll from SAW, Jason Vorhees and Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

2015-01-14 10.51.11

It’s been a while since I painted minis on the regular, so my skills unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. It doesn’t help that my regular white paint has curdled over or something, as well as my yellow and orange. This has lead to some questionable mixing choices, which means I might do something to remove the paint and start all over.


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The “Thing a Week” challenge!

The “Thing a Week” challenge!

I often find myself having lots of ideas that I pursue for a short while…And then they just sort of fade away.

I have decided to let 2015 be the year I try to change that. In order to do so, I am challenging myself to produce at least one piece of original content every week. That can be a post written about something nerdy, or a piece of pixel art, or whatever. As long as I post something each week, I will consider the Thing a Week challenge a success.

To get things started, I have two pieces of pixel art I drew in Pixaki on my iPad: I bring you Pixel-thulu and an outline of a city.

Cityscape zoom


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