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Shouting into the void: May 2016 update

Shouting into the void: May 2016 update

It’s been a while since I had the energy to update this blog, but here goes.

It’s now a bit over a year since my family was  torn apart by one family member murdering another in his sleep. I won’t lie; It’s been rough. We’re still waiting for a trial against the family member, and being kept in suspense for so long sucks.

In the meantime, I’ve had two different therapists to help me deal with the situation. The first one was nice and well-meaning, but we just didn’t click. I then got a second therapist, who just gets me.

Around the end of March, we were told that the trial would definitely happen in April. Welp, it didn’t. It doesn’t help that the deadline for my final thesis is on May 17 – that added stress on top of the biggest study assignment of my life really hasn’t been helpful.

My supervisor shared with me a book called “The Now Habit” in order to help me overcome my problems with perfectionism and procrastination. It’s paid off, and what seemed like an impossible task to finish by May 17 is now looking (and feeling) possible.

Now that the serious stuff is done with (for this blog post at least), here’s what I have been up to, nerd-wise:

I’ve started posting game screenshots on Instagram (which you can find at the top of the sidebar  in my snazzy new widget). The most popular ones seem to be the Dark Souls 3 pics, but that game has the advantage of being awesome. Well, except for  the fact that I  have yet to be summoned a single time as a Watchdog of Farron, making it more or less impossible to get that faction’s rewards.

I’ve also upgraded to a New 3DS XL, and have finally gotten into Steamworld Heist as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (both great titles).

I am hoping that the lessons I’ve learned from “The Now Habit” will help me actually create some kind of creative content on a regular basis. I have this idea for a podcast about internet stuff – legends such as that of the blood ninja, poor Denko and her inept stalker as well as famous copypasta and creepypasta. The format will likely be single-host, and between 10-20 minutes of content per episode.

That’s about it for this blog update. I hope to be able to create content on a regular basis following my handing in my thesis!



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