Month: April 2017

Switching to YouTube / Teaser

Switching to YouTube / Teaser

As some of you may know, I’ve been a writer for IGN Denmark for a few years now.

Recently, IGN made the decision to close down the individual Scandinavian IGN sites in favor of one hub site (IGN Nordics) which is meant to service the same countries as before. Among other things, this means that it’ll be nigh on impossible for me to get to review games for IGN any more, since there is a policy of 1 review in English across all their sites.

Since I’ve already been sort of toying with the idea of creating content here, and since I’ve been wanting to cover more than just video games, I feel like now is the time to make the switch from strictly written content and shitposting on Instagram to also creating video content on YouTube.

Since I’ve had a hard time keeping to a regular posting schedule for my blog on this site, I’ve decided to see if I can stick to a more regular schedule of producing content for YouTube.

Planned content includes reviews of video games, music, collectibles as well as vlogs about stuff like podcasts, books, movies or whatever else strikes my fancy – as long as it’s nerd-adjacent.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure in creating stuff to entertain hopefully not only myself, but you as well!


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