Copyright claim and awesome customer service by Machinimasound

A few years back, I decided that I wanted to get into creating Youtube videos. I never really found my niche doing that (I’m much more comfortable with writing than I am with actually having to be in front of a camera / microphone).

Having decided that I wanted to “do” the whole Youtube thing, I read up on what kind of difficulties I could face. One of these would be having music to use legally, and without getting copyright claims.

That’s where I decided to splurge on a license for a chiptunes track. I got my track, and all was well with the world. Of course, I hadn’t bothered turning that transaction into something where I had an account on the site.

Until a few days ago.

Now, I was annoyed by this. Only a few days earlier, another company had flagged two hidden videos on my channel (student projects that were not monetized, and where I had used music from, meaning that I had found something that was in the public domain).

I decided to contact Machinimasound after contesting the claim made by AdRev. As it turned out, the claim was legitimate – but they had no way of knowing that I was a legitimate licensee.

This is where Machinimasound turned out to be awesome.

Not only did they resolve the copyright claim right away, they also offered to make an account for me with the email I had used for my original purchase. This is awesome (and they totally didn’t have to do that), because of this reason:

I had decided that I did not need an account originally. This meant that after a certain period of time, my download link to the track I had purchased a license for had expired. The original download was long gone, and I had no way of retrieving the track. Since Machinimasound decided to help me out, I have now once again been able to download the track, as well as the license .pdf to prove that I am using this piece of music legitimately.

I have been thinking of starting a podcast, and this means that I will be able to use this track as the opening / ending music, yay!

Posted by Barl0we