My thoughts on the Copenhagen Comic Con

Over this weekend, Denmark finally saw its first official Comic Con.

It’s pretty exciting, because being the tiny country we are, we don’t get a lot of these kinds of events. I was lucky enough to get a pass for both days the Con was on as a birthday present, which was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, there were just a lot of things wrong with the event.

I’ll preface that last statement with this: As far as I saw, interactions between Con-goers were great, and people were generally happy. There were loads of cosplayers and nerds of all ages and makes.

I guess the biggest complaint about the Copenhagen Comic Con that I have is this: It wasn’t really about comics. Out of the booths at the convention, only a handful featured comic artists. Neither of the big comic book stores in Copenhagen were present. It feels kind of silly to have a Comic Con where there are so few comics even there. It’s not like there are a ton of Danish comic books, but we DO have some. I find it hard to believe that none (or so few of them as were present) would be interested in being there.

In fact, the focus seemed to be more on pop culture in general than comics per se…But then, Copenhagen Pop Culture Con just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily, or come with the brand recognition of a Comic Con, does it?

My second complaint about the Con would have to be logistics. For a convention of any size to only have one vendor inside the Con hall that sells food or beverages of any kind seems silly. At times, the queue to get a bottle of water or a cup of coffee was longer than the line for any of the vendors, celebrity attendees or games present at the Convention.

Lastly, video games.

I’m a fairly big fan of video games, so I didn’t mind so much that they were there. I got to try out Playstation VR while I was there (and I pre-booked the appointment online so I didn’t have to stand in line), I tried out the Nosulus Rift for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and visited the Razerbus to play a round of Overwatch on a computer which had difficulties keeping a framerate over 20.

The video game areas just kind of showed how much better prepared they were for a convention setting than the rest of the Con. The Playstation VR area was rather big and well-run, Ubisoft had a decently sized stage with constant crowds gathered to watch cosplayers play Just Dance 2017, and as previousuly mentioned, I tried out the Nosulus Rift.

The convention also hosted Guldbrikken (the Danish annual boardgame awards) which was a short but sweet event, with an area where Con-goers could try out both the runners up and winners of the awards.

I’m kind of sad to say that there were several disappointing things about the event – starting from the organizers’ lack of communication about events to come until a very short time before the actual event – but I still hope we get to have the event again next year. Hopefully, the organizers will have learned a bit more about running events from doing it this year, and hopefully some constructive criticism will help them make next year’s Comic Con even more fun.


Posted by Barl0we