My thoughts on “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” by @FeliciaDay

I just finished reading Felicia Day’s memoir “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” on my Kindle earlier tonight.

I’m not much of a book reviewer, so instead of a review, here’s a bunch of thoughts I had on the book while reading it:


  • It’s really interesting to get to peek inside Felicia Day’s head.
  • It’s really interesting to hear about the process both of making a video project going from small to large (or larger) scale.
  • I was really touched by hearing about Felicia Day’s insecurities and self-destructive / self-deprecating inner monologues. There are so many of those things I feel like I can relate to, so hearing that someone as successful and talented as her being able to overcome it all is really inspiring. It makes me want to try harder and actually make something of my own!
  • I got angry all over again when I got to her chapter about GamerGate. I remember being so angry at the GamerGaters the first time around when she blogged about being afraid of speaking about GamerGate…Only to have those fools validate all her concerns. Way to prove a point, guys.

That’s about it. The book is probably only very interesting if you have a pre-existing interest in Felicia Day’s work, or the type of work she does…But if you have any interest in those subjects, I’d urge you to pick it up. The book is a joy to read, and I commend Felicia Day for making meme’y pictures with her younger self as the picture – I’m not brave enough to do that (but then again, I’d prefer it if I could always just be the one to take the pictures, and not star in them).

In case you didn’t catch the Amazon link to the book up at the start of the article, it can be found right —> HERE <—





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