Upcoming stuff: Review of Mega Ran’s “RNDM” and more!

Hi, nerds!

I wanted to blog a bit about what’s coming up.

First and foremost, I am going on a much needed vacation with my missus. We will be leaving for Turkey early in the morning on Sunday, and returning in a week.


Coming up, I will be reviewing Mega Ran’s latest solo album “RNDM”. It’s a great mix of chippy tunes and just  great hiphop beats, with some amazing collaborations on some of the tracks.

I was hoping to get this review done before leaving on vacation, but life’s been busy these past few weeks. Instead, I will be listening a lot more to RNDM while I’m away, so I can give it a proper review.

Next up, I am going to blog about The Indie Box some more. I thoroughly enjoy getting a limited edition game in the mail each month – and I just today received a mail about the next Indie Box being on its way. Hopefully it’ll be here once I get home from vacation. This month’s game is  Towerfall Ascension with the Dark World DLC bundled in.

That said, I look forward to blogging again – my life and my thesis are finally getting back on track.


Until next time, listen to some good music and treat yourself. I’ll be treating my ears to some Mega Ran, and so should you:

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