The cover of a Golden Age comic book called "Captain Atom"

Pulp comics galore!

If yesterday’s post on the pulpy goodness of the Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual was not enough for you, good news!

Today’s offering of pulp fiction: Comic Book Plus!

What is Comic Book Plus, you ask?

The cover of an issue of "Haunted Thrills"

The cover of an issue of “Haunted Thrills”

The site is an archive of Golden Age comics, from such publishers as Ace Comics, Charlton Comics and more.

There is no prerequisites to browsing the comics through the site, but if you want to download these old school comics, you’ll have to register for a (free) account.

There’s more to the site than “just” free Golden & Silver Age comics, though! If you take the time to look around a bit, you might even find “Dime Novels, Penny Dreadfuls, Story Papers and Pulp Magazines

The site itself only features Public Domain works of fiction – that is to say that every comic, penny dreadful or other type of media available is legal to consume. It is absolutely possible to read these comics on the site, but I have made an account on the site so that I can download these beauties and take with me on my tablet!


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