Copenhagen Games 18: Music Video

Hey nerds!

A while back, I went to the annual Copenhagen Games esports tournament / lan, and I had a blast! I mostly walked around with a buddy, taking in the atmosphere…But we also tried a few physical challenges (like wearing big-ass sumo suits and wrestling, or seeing who could plank the longest) and played a bunch of games!

I ended up winning a Chicken Dinner by default in the Razer Bus – I came in 2nd, but it turned out someone had figured out how to get into the game from outside of the bus, so the win went to me :D

I was recently impressed with learning that Steven Soderbergh shot a movie on an iPhone, which is why I’ve wanted to do some video content from my phone. On May 5-6, I’ll be attending the Copenhagen Comic Con, and I hope to push out some video content from that event a little faster than I’ve done for this event :P

This video is the first attempt I’ve had at making a music video, so even though I cited my source on the music in the video description as requested where I found it, I’m just going to put it here as well:


Dreams by Dj Quads

Music promoted by Audio Library

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