Indie Essentials 13: Revenge of the Titans!

The 13th instalment of Indie Essentials is Revenge of the Titans by Puppygames!

Revenge of the Titans is a Tower defense game which tasks you with killing loads and loads of aliens.

Puppygames is a 2-person indie studio out of the UK, who make a lot of well-polished games. They have a unique, slick aesthetic that makes it very easy to tell when a game is developed by them -and if you’re in any way a fan of Tower Defense games, I encourage you to check this one out! The only caveat I have is that the tutorials aren’t fantastic, which can lead you to making mistakes in upgrades or not saving power-ups until they’re actually needed, and that the soundtrack in the upgrade screen would’ve been awesome to have in the main game as well.

Posted by Barl0we