Indie Essentials 8: Damsel!

Indie Essentials is back!

Episode 8 features Damsel, the Early Access game by Screwtape Studios (which came out this week)!

I’ve been following the game’s Twitter account (and progress) for some while, so it’s been a pleasure to finally get my hands on the game. The game has a lot going for it already – the cartoony graphics, and especially the character designs, are just awesome. The soundtrack has a synthwavey feel, which fits the fast-paced gameplay quite well!

I personally look forward to achievements being implemented – something I know is on its way, thanks to the Steam forums for Damsel. I would also love to see some actual story content in-game via cutscenes – or see the game go the TF2 / Overwatch route, and create online comic books for the game to flesh out the world.

The game is 10 euros on Steam, and despite a few bugs, the game has a ton of potential.

Posted by Barl0we