Indie Essentials 9: Owlboy!

A mix of real life and bad planning is to blame for this week’s Indie Essentials being out a day late – my apologies!

Owlboy is a video game that was ten years in the making, developed by Dpad Studio. The ten years development time really shows – it’s a great game!

It’s a Metroidvania game where you play Otus, a mute Owlboy. Owls, in this world, are the people / creatures (I’m not really sure tbh) who protect their villages in the sky from SKY PIRATES. Yes, you read that right – sky friggin pirates! :D

It’s got “high-bit” graphics, meaning pixel graphics that look super neat. The chiptuney soundtrack is really nice, and does a great job of setting the mood. Lastly, the gameplay is tight – I can’t wait to get all the way through the game. This might be one of those games where I actively try to 100% it on Steam.


Posted by Barl0we