Curse of Chucky

One of my first loves when it comes to horror is the “Child’s Play” franchise. I grew up on it, so to speak – having movie nights with my friends as a teen, these were some of the first forays into horror we had.

The latest “Chucky” movies (Bride of Chucky / Seed of Chucky) were less horror (in my opinion), and more awesome semi-cult/horror/comedy movies.

One of the first things I saw when I checked my Twitter feed this morning was a video interview by IGN’s Eric Goldman with Brad and Fiona Dourif. To my surprise, they were talking about a new “Chucky” movie!

The title, as you may have guessed, is “Curse of Chucky”.

A reviewer on IMDB claims that “Curse of Chucky” is a return to the more horror-based Chucky flick. While I love both the old and the newer Chucky films, I do not mind that horror is once again the main focus.

The film released on September 24 in the US. I am certainly looking forward to its European release. I have not found an official release date for Europe so far, but I hope it will be soon (at least in time for Halloween)!

Posted by Barl0we