What’s In The Box? It’s TheIndieBox, Guacamelee edition!

The IndieBox for July 2015 was probably one of the ones that I looked forward to the most – I adore the gameplay and aesthetic of Guacamelee, and was excited to see the game get the IndieBox treatment.


Guacamelee puts you in the shoes of Juan Aguacate – a man who must overcome the odds to save El Presidente’s daughter from the nefarious Carlos Calaca. The game itself is really fun, letting you learn new luchador wrestling moves, both in single and multiplayer.

Guacamelee was developed by DrinkBox Studios and was first made available in 2013 on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

At this point, Guacamelee exists on Steam, Playstation 3, 4 and Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Despite its somewhat silly premise (which is supported by silly characters, certain abilities and a metric ton of memes), the game itself has a great story, and gameplay that’ll keep you entertained for the length of the game.

So, what’s in the box? This is:

The front cover for the Guacamelee IndieBox box

A neat poster for a fight between the hero and villain of Guacamelee.

The back side of the Guacamelee TheIndieBox box.

It’s a nice box.


Now then, let’s take a look at all of the stuff included in the Guacamelee IndieBox:


The contents of the Guacamelee IndieBox.

All of the stuff!


In every IndieBox there are a few items that are always included:

  • An IndieBox Newsletter
  • A custom manual for the game
  • A sticker for the game, and a sticker for the Indiebox – typically made in the same artstyle as the game
  • A business card USB in the art style of the game.
  • A Steam code for the game in question (in this case, two Steam Keys: one for the Gold Edition of the game, and one for the Super Turbo Championship Edition

Apart from those mainstays, this is the stuff included in this IndieBox:

  • A soundtrack
  • A temporary tattoo, like the one Juan Aguacate has on his chest.
  • A shotglass for tequila applejuice
  • A postcard with a recipe for the World’s Greatest Enchiladas
  • A felt chicken, like the kind Juan learns to transform into to get to hard-to-reach areas.
The front cover for the Guacamelee soundtrack

The soundtrack for a game like this could only feature a mariachi band on the front cover.

The back side of the Guacamelee soundtrack

Juan and Tostada (who gave Juan the luchador mask that turned him into a great wrestler) watch over the back side of the soundtrack.

The music in Guacamelee is great, so it was very nice to get the soundtrack in this IndieBox.

A felt chicken wearing a poncho and a sombrero

I’m still not sure if this little felt fella was supposed to be in this IndieBox, as he does not appear on the list of items in the newsletter included in the box.

This guy, right here. I love small things like these!

Shot glass featuring Carlos Calaca, the villain of Guacamelee.

The frightening visage of Carlos Calaca features on one side of the Guacamelee shot glass.


Another side of the shotglass, featuring the Guacamelee logo (and the previous felt chicken to keep the glass in place)

For some reason, when I laid the shotglass on this side, it kept rolling away. The felt chicken did a nice job of keeping the shot glass in place.

This shot glass might be my favorite item in an IndieBox yet. Since I got the box, this glass has been standing on my desk. I haven’t had the chance to drink any tequila applejuice out of it yet, but I am looking forward to doing so!

Post card showing the ingredients needed for the world's greatest enchilada recipe.

One side of the recipe, showing which ingredients are needed to cook the world’s greatest enchiladas.


The flip side of the post card, with instructions on cooking the world's greatest enchiladas.

The actual directions for making the world’s greatest enchiladas.

This is a reference to a part of the game, but it also looks really tasty. I’m going to have to try to make these enchiladas at some point!

The business card USB containing the DRM free version of the game.

The business card USB containing the DRM free version of the game.

I need to find some way of showcasing these business card USB drives. They consistently look great!

Stickers and temporary tattoo!

Stickers and temporary tattoo!

I have still yet to find a place to put my IndieBox stickers, and the temporary tattoo is too nice to just use. I’m going to have to try to make a Guacamelee cosplay (even if I’d probably look more like Nacho Libre than Juan Aguacate!).

Manual and newsletter.

Manual and newsletter.


The printing in the newsletter isn’t too great in this IndieBox, but it’s still readable. I love the instruction manuals in IndieBoxes, seeing as they are one of the few things that were actually in game boxes from when I was a kid. It’s a great throwback, and the nostalgia value for me is through the roof.

This IndieBox is the only one where I had the game already (on PS3, and on PS4 and Vita through PS+). I did not mind getting the game on PC, however – I can always find  time for a game as fun and pretty as Guacamelee!

Unfortunately, there seems to be no Guacamelee boxes left on the IndieBox Store. The game is totally worth getting if you like metroidvania games and don’t already own it on one of the many platforms it’s out on, though.

If you’re fiending for some Guacamelee / DrinkBox Studios merch, they do have some available.

In case you are as happy with the DrinkBox / Guacamelee aesthetic as I am, then you might want to keep an eye out for the next DrinkBox game: Severed! It is a Playstation Vita game in which you control a one-armed heroine. The game looks pretty, and will feature touch-based fighting mechanics.


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