Indie Essentials 12: Cargo Commander!

Indie Essentials 12: Cargo Commander!

This week’s Indie Essentials video is about one of my favorite quick-fix indies:

Cargo Commander!

In this kinda-sorta roguelike, kinda-sorta procedurally generated indie game, you play a space trucker who must travel the universe, collecting cargo. You use that cargo to upgrade your space ship / cargo crate, and hopefully at some point rise enough through the ranks of the megacorp you serve to get home to your family.

Cargo Commander came out in 2012, and as such is *very cheap*. If you want to play Cargo Commander, you can buy it for cheap [here].

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Updates: Instagram & Green Team!

Updates: Instagram & Green Team!

Oh, hello!

I didn’t see you there!

I know it’s been a while, but things have happened. First off, I decided to spend my efforts establishing myself on Instagram, and if you aren’t following me there yet, please do! I post 3-4 times a week on average, and I try to keep it relevant / interesting!

After reading about the Green Man Gaming “Green Team” affiliate program, I decided to not just post pictures on Instagram, but video as well! You can see my first IG video “Indie Essentials” (about Thomas Was Alone, one of my all-time favorite indie games) right here.

I have settled on sending out Indie Essentials every Thursday, so look out for the next video in a few days! I might also do a gaming news video once a week – though the 1 minute length definitely sets some restrictions on what and how much I can cover!

If you feel like supporting me, feel free to click the image below – it’ll save a cookie on your computer for 30 days and give me a kickback on any purchases you make on Green Man Gaming in that time!

I might also upload the videos I create for Instagram to YouTube / Twitter in the future, but for now I’m trying to just make regular video content on Instagram happen – one 58-60 second video at a time!

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