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Tenacious D and the Festival Supreme

Tenacious D and the Festival Supreme

While listening to the 415th episode of the Nerdist Podcast (featuring Tenacious D as guests), I learned of a new festival created by Tenacious D:


The Festival Supreme!

Poster for the Festival Supreme, from the Festival Supreme Website

The poster for the Festival Supreme, featuring the lineup for the Festival!

As far as I can tell, this is a one-day festival. It will have three or four (in the Nerdist episode, Jack Black said four, but the website says three) tents, with room both for stand-up acts and for musical acts. The Festival Supreme will happen on October 19th at the Santa Monica Pier.

The Festival has partnered up with IFC to bring a “Supreme Comedy Week” leading up to the date of the actual Festival.

The lineup will feature both comedy legends such as The Mr. Show Experience and Eric Idle, as well as musical comedy all-stars such as Tim Minchin and Garfunkel & Oates!

Tickets are ( /were?) available from Ticketmaster (either standard or VIP), but it seems they are either not available online any more, or perhaps sold out.

All I can say from way over here in Europe is, I hope the Festival will be a success, and a DVD/Blu-Ray will be made so those of us who do not have the option of going in person will be able to experience the Festival Supreme from afar!

If you want to learn more about the Festival Supreme, I suggest you go check out their website.

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