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Indie Essentials 8: Damsel!

Indie Essentials 8: Damsel!

Indie Essentials is back!

Episode 8 features Damsel, the Early Access game by Screwtape Studios (which came out this week)!

I’ve been following the game’s Twitter account (and progress) for some while, so it’s been a pleasure to finally get my hands on the game. The game has a lot going for it already – the cartoony graphics, and especially the character designs, are just awesome. The soundtrack has a synthwavey feel, which fits the fast-paced gameplay quite well!

I personally look forward to achievements being implemented – something I know is on its way, thanks to the Steam forums for Damsel. I would also love to see some actual story content in-game via cutscenes – or see the game go the TF2 / Overwatch route, and create online comic books for the game to flesh out the world.

The game is 10 euros on Steam, and despite a few bugs, the game has a ton of potential.

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Indie Essentials 3: Spectra!

Indie Essentials 3: Spectra!

My third Indie Essentials video is out – this week’s featured indie game is Spectra!

Spectra was developed by Gateway Interactive, released in 2015 and with the eponymous soundtrack by Chipzel (which came out in 2013).

I sort of forgot to gush about the soundtrack as much as it deserves in the video – it’s one of my all-time favorite chiptunes album. The soundtrack is no longer available as DLC on Steam, but you can still buy it on Chipzel’s website.

I reviewed this game for IGN Denmark back in the mists of time (July, 2015). Back then, I gave the game a 9/10 score – and I’d still give it that today. The last point is docked for a lack of variation in the space backgrounds & the procedural generation.

Since IGN Denmark has gone the way of the dodo, I might post an English translation of the review some day – but for now, just enjoy the video :)


P.S.: I completely forgot to celebrate that this was my 200th post on Instagram. Oh well! My #IndieEssentials videos have been doing pretty ok for  themselves on Instagram – when I have 5-10 of  them, I might combine them into a listicle on YouTube or something!


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Indie Essentials 2: Stardew Valley is out!

Indie Essentials 2: Stardew Valley is out!

My latest Indie Essentials video is out, and you can watch it on my Instagram page!

It features the 2016 indie darling, Stardew Valley! It’s one of my new favorite feel-good games, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how multiplayer for it turns out!

Big ups to ConcernedApe for continuing to support the game with awesome free updates post-launch!

Video is up here:

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Why I love the Gravity Rush series (+bonus Gravity Rush 2 gallery)

Why I love the Gravity Rush series (+bonus Gravity Rush 2 gallery)

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Gravity Rush 2 for IGN Denmark.

I’ve been looking forward to the game for some time, and it was (almost) everything I could have wanted it to be.

It’s no secret that I love the Gravity Rush series. It was the first game I completed fully on my Playstation Vita, and I’ve now reviewed both Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 for IGN Denmark.

I love the game(s) – it’s one of those series I can lose myself in, and just feel good.

That’s sort of the core of Gravity Rush for me – there might be danger, there might be villains, and there certainly are high stakes. But danger is usually averted, villains are either defeated or redeemed, and friendship – even in  the face of adversity – wins every time.

Kat is a great character, even if she sort of lets herself be a doormat to some of the side mission NPC’s (Eugie and Aujean, anyone?). Usually she’ll know that she’s being taken advantage of, but she goes along with it, hoping her efforts will let the NPC’s grow as people along the way.

The art style goes a long way towards helping the charming characters and world work, in my opinion. I’ve never been much into anime, but the art style just sort of looks like you’re in an anime – and it works.

On that note, I am impressed with Gravity Rush 2 – it feels like the same engine as Gravity Rush Remastered (and probably is), but I was impressed with how rarely I’d have textures pop in even though I was moving at a fast clip through the game’s world.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I apologize for the wonky pictures among the gallery – I played around with the different Instagram-type filters that become available as you progress through the game and its online component.

Now I just need someone to help me get that damn Kat Figma that was exclusive to the Japanese Collector’s Edition of Gravity Rush Remastered!

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