Thing a Week 4 slash 5: Revenge of the Site Updates™

So, I missed my Thing a Week last week. Things were busy, and having one of my girlfriend’s friends crashing with us wasn’t really conducive to making nerdy things.

I’m still working on the horror’fied Lego figures from a previous Thing a Week, and if all goes well I’ll be able to post an update on them in the next few days. It’s not really helpful that this week and the next 1-2 weeks are some of the busiest at my work, either.

I am trying to do stuff, though. Some of it I can tell you about, some of it will have to stay under wraps for a bit yet.

First off, I’m trying to set up a useful RSS feed to follow gaming and nerdy news so I can get on a regular schedule of blogging about that. Next up, I am currently playing Dying Light on the PC. I will be posting a review of that in the near future!

I have another review on the way, but I cannot say anything about it until a specific date in a couple of weeks’ time.

Lastly, I am still working on my D&D 5e campaign (I finally managed to snag myself a copy of the new Monster Manual). Due to my fellow Nerd Essentials members being in the campaign, I won’t mention specifics…But I am currently in the process of drawing up a world map for the campaign, and doing some world building. I hope to be able to post about that in the near future, as well.

Posted by Barl0we


Posted by Barl0we